What WOULD Brixton save from a fire?

Now we know!

chronicles of brixton save from a fire digital kaleidoscopic psychedelic collage archive

Have you been to see The Chronicles of Brixton yet? It’s currently hanging in The Phoenix Cafe where it’s going to be on display for the rest of London Design Festival, before moving on to another Brixton venue.

chronicles brixton save from fire kaleidoscopic digital psychedelic collage art

Thank you, Brixton, for sharing your stories with me. It’s been a pretty emotional process, way more so than I ever could have imagined! I’m still coming down from the excitement of completing what I think is a pretty gorgeous piece of work, but will be sharing some stories with you very soon!

Prints will available later in the week too, if you’d like to reserve one, drop me an email to Robyn@archiemaclondon.co.uk

The Chronicles of Brixton-The Phoenix Cafe-441 Coldharbour Lane SW9 8LN-Mon-Fri 06:30-16:30 Sat 06:30-16:00

Thank you Brixton


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