“I spent so much of my childhood creating with it…”


I love it when the one thing someone would save from a fire is the same thing that they use to make a living. Hearing that someone loves what they do so much is always pretty wonderful, and being a sewer (sew-er, as opposed to a stinking drainage pipe…) myself, could relate to Holly’s submission:

“I would have to save my sewing machine. It is a second hand table top Singer that I got for my 8th birthday. It holds a great deal of sentimental value. I learnt to sew on it, I spent so much of my childhood creating and experimenting with it (it sews orange peel) and I still use it today to produce my work.” 

Here’s how Holly’s machine ended up after I turned it into a building block for The Chronicles of Brixton:


What would you save from a fire? To be part of The Chronicles of Brixton, email a photo of your most treasured item, and the story of why it means so much to you, to me at Robyn@archiemaclondon.co.uk. Find the project at @savefromafire on social media too 🙂


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