To me, to you…

If you read my last post (and if you didn’t, why on earth not?!) you’ll have seen my reflection on how much I’ve been learning in exploring The Chronicles of Brixton. The last post focussed on some pretty serious subjects- namely the civil rights activist Barbara Jordan and the important work of artist Jeremiah Drake. Today I’d like to share something that I learnt whilst exploring another submission. If it’s important cultural and historic enrichment you’re looking for, look away now and perhaps stick channel 4 on the radio.

chuckle brothers signed photograph save from fire chronicles brixton

I was given this picture by my old team at work. I had mentioned in passing how I loved The Chuckle Brothers. On my birthday I got into work to find they had clubbed together and bought this framed, signed photo. From them, to me. It sat proudly on my desk. My wife, who does not share my enthusiasm for the dynamic duo from Rotherham, was quietly pleased both that her photo wasn’t on my desk and that Barry and Paul were not at home. Yet.

It’s hard to dislike two men who have carried off the mullet haircut with such panache and for so long. I find their pantomime humour endearing, but it also hugely cheering to see two brothers still goofing about, together, past pensionable age.

There are plenty of riches in this world but only two Chuckle Brothers. We should celebrate and cherish them. They are comedy titans.”

And who are we to argue with that sentiment? After having learnt so much from the previous submission, I was determined to use this as an opportunity to discover something else important about the world. A quick Google search later and I have to say, I was not disappointed…

Yes, that’s right, the Chuckle Brothers have indeed created a grime tune with Tinchy Stryder. Seems our Brixton Chuckle Brothers lover was right in the prediction he attached to his submission…

Well, Robyn, what we are about to learn about the Chuckle Brothers is that they are about to roar back into fashion. They are to comedy what the 12 inch record is to music: one for the purists.

 This is one of the fringe benefits of having tastes that are unfashionable: eventually yesterday’s laughing stock becomes today’s ironic hipster icon.

 We should prepare ourselves for the inevitable onslaught of moustaches, mullet haircuts and pastel clothing in non-natural fibres. It could get ugly.”

And here’s how the ladder wielding moustachioed brothers became a building block for The Chronicles of Brixton…(you may want to have a shell suit at the ready to hide behind, it’s a touch terrifying)

chuckle brothers save from fire chronicles brixton

What would you save from a fire? Cultural, sentimental, or the stuff nightmares are made of (sorry Barry and Paul Chuckle) I’d love to see it. Send a photo and the story behind it to for it to make up an enormous kaleidoscopic collage celebrating what’s important to the people of Brixton.


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