“This ring reminds me to stay positive”

chronicles brixton save form fire blue ring london design festival ldf sentimental family

“This ring was the first thing my dad ever bought for my grandma. He bought it with his pocket money when he was about 12. My grandma passed it on to my mum who passed it on to me. My dad died a few years ago, and whenever I look at its tick shape, my ring reminds me to stay positive.”

It’s such a privilege to have these stories shared. As Alex told me about her ring, it’s not expensive, it’s not worth anything to anyone apart from her. But hearing the story behind it shows the very human value we place on objects that retain memories.

Here’s what happened to Alex’s ring when I turned it into a building block for The Chronicles of Brixton…

chronicles brixton save from fire blue ring family memory sentimental design london festival

What one thing would you save from a fire? Share your photo and story by emailing Robyn@archiemaclondon.co.uk or @SaveFromAFire on Twitter on Instagram and it will become part of an enormous kaleidoscopic collage celebrating the people of Brixton 🙂


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