Gregory the debaucherous bear

I’d like you to meet Gregory. What started as an innocent #savefromafire story of a 7 year old girl finally getting the teddy bear she’d begged her mum for quickly turned into a much more adult affair. Gregory’s owner had explained how much her treasured bear meant to her, that he’d been there to listen to her secrets as a child, and to listen to her and her friends giggling over their teenage crushes. Then she told me about Gregory accompanying her to university. When Gregory’s owner would go on dates, Gregory would be left in the safe hands of her friends. The very respectable, very responsible hands of her trusted friends. This is what poor, innocent Gregory was turned to…

teddy bear chronicles of brixton save from a fireted teddy bear chonicles of brixton save from a fireted teddy bear save from a fire chronicles of brixton

What can we say, when the owner’s away, the bear, it would seem, will definitely play…

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All photos will be added to an enormous kaleidoscopic collage celebrating the stories of Brixton as part of Brixton Design Trail


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